8 Best Cartoon-Inspired Homes in the World
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What if the cartoons that we were so fond of when we were little become the inspiration of an innovative home design? With exotic taste for homes, people with big bucks have drawn inspiration from various fields like their favorite sport, movies and books.

But cartoons are something we left behind a long way back. Our childhood dreams consisted of them- a stone house like the Flintstones', a pink palace like Barbie's, a modern dime-for-a-dozen dwelling like The Simpsons'.

With the real estate world seeking novelty from almost every other field, cartoons have not been left far behind. Here is a list of some of these remarkable creations which have actually given shape and form to our childhood fantasies:

The home of The Flintstones

First to top the charts is The Flintstone House. This house is located in Nas Montanhas de Fafe, Portugal. It has been built from a mixture of rock and concrete, set amidst four honking boulders. Inspired from The Flintstones cartoon, this home was built in 1974 as a fun loving rural retreat of a family.

The house does not have electricity and running water but it has certain other charming and rustic features such as a sofa made out of cement and stem of eucalyptus, a fireplace and a swimming pool carved within the large rocks.

It is also referred to as 'A Casa do Penedo', meaning ‘the house of stone’. It has recently become a tourist hotspot.

But unfortunately due to its popularity, the house’s present owner Vitor Rodrigues has had to install bullet proof windows and steel doors to prevent robbery attempts.

The Simpson’s House

Second is The Simpson’s House. Created as an exact replica of the house at 742 Evergreen Terrace (the fictional residence of The Simpsons), California based home-builders, Kaufman and Broad have constructed a house at 712 Red Bark Lane in Henderson, Nevada. It was constructed for use as a grand prize in a contest known as “The Simpsons House Give Away”. The current value of the home amounts to $120000.

It has been structured over an area of 2200 square feet and has two stories and four bedrooms. The builders have tried to use The Simpsons' home as the model. But when considered practically, it did not meet all the building codes of the state.

However, it does retain some of the model’s features like Bart’s tree house, a backyard barbeque and a swing set. The first floor flooring is made of concrete and the second floor, sanded down plywood; the television room has a large sofa with a sailboat painting hanging on the wall, brightly painted walls, a two tone orange fireplace, checkered kitchen flooring etc. Some of the colors used in the interiors are Pink Flamingo, Generator Green and Power Orange.

Barbie’s Real Life Malibu Dream House

Third in the list is Barbie’s Real Life Malibu Dream House. This is located in Malibu, California- the exact desired location which has been put up for sale. This has been created by amalgamating sophisticated Hollywood style and casual California taste.

This was fabulously designed as a three storied house over a living area measuring 8500 square feet. This place has a master bedroom and a balcony overlooking the ocean and beach. It has 119 cm ceiling, hardwood floors, a pink elevator, pink granite platform kitchen with chef-worthy appliances and plastic food that never spoils.

The luxurious and dreamy master bedroom occupies an entire floor. It has a steam shower, heated pink marble flooring, a doll lighted custom closet with the capacity to hold hundreds of designer dresses, accessories and shoes. It is the only place in Malibu which has sounds and sensors featured throughout, a self flushing toilet and a fire place that crackles even when it is not turned on.

And lastly, it has crystal chandeliers, diamond-encrusted finesse, custom mirrors, exotic wood works, concrete compliment with modern pink infused décor, and an action packed store house consisting of beach toys.

Hobbit’s House

Hobbit’s House comes next in the list. Have you ever thought about building your own home? A man in Wales actually did such a thing. 32 years old Simon Dale, armed with a chisel, chainsaw and hammer built his own home in the hillside. It is an exact replica of the Hobbit houses in The Lords of the Rings. He worked with his father-in-law for four months and spent about 3000 Euros to get the job done.

Mr. Dale, the builder and owner, had no previous experience in either carpentry or architecture. He created this eco friendly sustainable home by using scrap wood as floor material, water supply by diverting water from a nearby spring, and material scavenged from skips.

The frame of the house is made of timber with the roof done in layers of straw bales for effective insulation and plastic sheets for making it water proof. The roof was covered with a layer of mud which blends in with the interior and exterior of the home.

The internal walls were decorated uniquely. They were done in straw bales fitted in dry stone waling and stockpiled with hazel sticks. The sub floor was made from pallets with floor boards on top of it for actual floors.

Hello Kitty House

Fifth is the Hello Kitty House in Taipei, Taiwan. This home has been designed for rent based on the house of the fictional character Hello Kitty. If you have daughters they would be thrilled to live in it if you plan a holiday there.

The exterior is done in a brilliant combination of pink and white. At par with the exterior, the interior is also sustained in the mix of colors. The living room has two small sofas and a center table. An LCD television has been mounted on the walls.

The bedroom has a single bed with white sheets and pink pillows. The telephone is also pink. The entire villa has a total of three bedrooms.

Star Wars House

This Star Wars- Inspired House is another exemplary creation which imitates the space ship in the sci-fi series. This home was originally built in 1970 by Claude King and his family. It also derives inspiration from Neil Armstrong’s space ship which had just landed on the Moon at the time. It is situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The movie was released 7 years after the completion of the house.

Batman’s House

Batman’s House is the seventh wondrous house created by imitating the famous mansion of Batman in Gotham City.

This striking and enigmatic mansion brilliantly captures the surreptitious environ of the dwelling of the elusive billionaire who moonlights as a selfless, crime-fighting superhero.

This magnificent architecture is set in Surenes, France, approximately 9 kilometers from Paris.

Minnie Mouse’s House

Last but not the least is Minnie Mouse’s House. There are two fairly similar creations of this pink and lavender fiction house- one in Mickey’s Toontown Fair in Orlando and another in Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Anaheim in California.

These homes are not just cute in their external appeal but also have items in the interior that add to their charm. These have ovens in which you can watch the baking of a cake and answering machines where you can hear messages from Goofy and Mickey.

Unlike the usual homes which people plan and design and give shape in reality, the homes mentioned in this list have been created to make reality as beautiful or exotic as your fantasies. They transport you to the world of dreams as soon as you enter these accommodations!

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