Why and How Real Estate Agents Need Social Media
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Social media is where everyone is at and you should be too. It's a great opportunity to get your services in front of people, offer meaningful insight and engage potential buyers. Facebook is used by 71% of online adults, and other social media usage is climbing. That is a lot of potential home buyers who are a captive audience for you. What's more, many of those same buyers are using a combination of search engines and advice from friends on their social networks to find a real estate agent they can trust. Additionally, social media presence is a characteristic you may be judged on. Professionals on social media are seen as more trustworthy and accessible, better advisors and technologically up-to-date.


Of the social networking sites available, the top sites for connecting with home buyers are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Not to be confused with a personal profile, a business page on Facebook is a place to highlight your services, showcase properties, advertise showings and open houses and give home buying/selling advice to establish yourself as an expert. Use of photos is highly recommended to grab attention. You can talk about the neighborhood and community amenities around your real estate listings, run contests for people to follow your page and track which posts get the most views.

Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet but is perfect for sharing links and establishing your expert status by giving advice. You can tweet about issues of local interest and charity events to show your community connections and invite followers to get involved. Use hashtags, ask questions and tweet more than just your listings to engage people.

Instagram and Pinterest are primarily photo sharing sites so they are great for promoting homes you are trying to sell. You can post about your listings, neighborhoods, community events, moving advice, home decorating and more.

Social media is another way to connect with people and it's the future of relationship and trust building. Insightful content builds your reputation and helps you sell more homes.

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