8 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid
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Living in a materialistic oriented society makes cash the boss and people its slave. When I was in high school I didn't think about money at all, I did not spend cash for new clothes and I did not party! Now, look up at these kids, the only thing they care about is money. They want expensive cars, boats and yachts, designer clothes and private jets. Do you want to know what is the most surprising thing with this generation? Nobody wants to work, but everybody wants the finer things of life.

Why am I sharing this with you? What does the above paragraph have to do with blogging? You may think it is unnecessary, but it is not. The same happens with you when you see million dollar blogs. You visit web worth calculators, dream about techcrunch traffic for your blog and sleep with the money these big fishes generate from the internet, but the only thing that you don't see is the hard work.

You are afraid to see it! You want the money! I understand you very well, my friend and I completely know what are you going through right now because I have been in the same place before. You should learn that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Here are the common blogging mistakes you are to avoid in the blogging business.

1. Blogging About Something You Don't Know Or Are Not Passionate About

Never blog about a topic you don't know well or are not passionate about. Chances are that you will fail. There are many professionals on the internet blogging about the same thing, so do you think you can win the competition with them? Even if you study and do some research on the topic you don't know there is no time for doing it every time you want to write a new article. So do you want to blog about the topic, or do you want to learn about it?

Being passionate about what you do is the key to success. Even when you get tired you keep going, you wake up the next morning and start working because you love it, you don't have time to think about profits! People that make money from what they love understand very well what I am trying to say. So you keep working and working and you gather knowledge and energy, one day you will take it back. I mean you will get a lot of cash. Trust me!

2. Not Posting Anymore After Your First Post

So you have posted your first article or maybe the second one and you keep looking at the page views. You feel desperate because you don't want to be there, but the bad thing is that you can't move forward and give up. I know many new bloggers that give up a week after they have started blogging.

This is really a huge mistake that you should completely avoid! If not, nothing but death waits your blog. If it was that easy bloggers would probably be billionaires right now. Never give up, if you give up after not seeing success with your first, second, third, fourth even tenth post, I am sorry to say it, but this job is not for you son!

It is all about the energy! To create a million dollar blog, you need to create the amount of energy that equals to one million dollar. So if you want 100 subscribers after the first two weeks, why don't you go and work your ass out instead of crying and feeling desperate about your page views?

3. Writing Low Quality Articles

When you post a low quality article the readers tend to go away and move to other blogs. They feel disrespected. I know that you had another intention, but you have to think as a reader while you write your articles. If you don't like to read them, then why should others do so? This is one sign that tell you are new to blogging and if you keep producing low quality articles nobody will hire you or would like to work with you. Quality is king!

4. Promoting The Blog Immediately After The Set Up

So you have crafted your first article and you are very hungry for readers so you start promoting your blog. Time passes and the results are not the one expected. You feel demoralized. Now maybe there is not anything wrong with your article, maybe you have promoted it in the wrong community. But if only one reader reads the article until the end and shares it on his/her social site profile, then congrats my friend!

I am not saying that you should not promote your blog, but don't do it immediately after your first article, or do it but don't wait much because you will feel bad about yourself and this will dictate your next move.

5. Thinking About Money

Dreaming about making 6k per month, blogging from tropical islands and partying with hot girls at night are important factors that you keep failing. If you keep thinking about the finer things and waiting for them you will burn out and you won't see a cent from your blog.

Forget the money and it will come after you!

6. Being Unoriginal

You are not alone in this world, keep this in mind and never forget. If you want others to read your stuff then make sure it is original and something that they can learn from. There are many other bloggers that have posted same articles before you, especially if you are into technical blogging. Writing a post on how to install skype on Ubuntu will not bring any visitor to your new blog because you will not be in the search results.

You have to be you! What do I mean with that? Write the way you want and be free. Consider yourself as an entertainer. The reason why people read blogs and not books is because books are boring and we like things to be explained in simple words. Don't write some academic shit you have learned in some books.

Nobody wants formulas here! And if you got a blog about math, make sure to make it as practical as possible. For example, how to use math to make more money?

7. Not Practising Enough

After you have started your blog you want to make killer articles that everyone would love to read and share, but if you don't practise how are you supposed to do that? You wait for ideas to fall from the sky and pick them up! The same thing happened in your essay class, you kept staring at the blackboard.

You fear failing and you are shy of your poor writing style. I know that! But Rome was not built in one day! I was not there to see it, but that is what they say, so practise writing. Write, write, write! When you can't feel your fingers anymore, then go to sleep. Wake up the next day, read something, go out, breath the fresh air, meet people, engage with them, go back home and start writing. Write about anything that makes you happy. Just write!

8. Not Knowing Your Readers

Without readers you will be nowhere! They are the reason why your blog exists so if you want glory, make sure to study your readers well. Ask them what they want and work hard to make sure you can give the best articles to them. They will be loyal readers to your blog and will help you when you are in need.

What kind of articles do you offer to your readers that other blogs in the same niche don't offer? Do you have a strategy how to play the game? What readers are you targeting? Are you targeting linux ninjas, experts, intermediate or newbies? I know how to open the terminal and I don't want to read any article about it, so what stuff do you have for me? Can you show me 13 ways to open the terminal? I might be interested in that.

Or if you have a blog about fishing can you teach me how to find the best equipment in the cheapest way? So, what I am trying to say is to study the reader, be creative and share amazing articles.

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