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Transforming Marketing Tools with Mobile Apps
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We live in an age of innovation, where the rapid advance of technology is redefining old paradigms and creating new ones. One such trend that is set to transform the world of news is the advent of mobile apps. If you are already familiar with the use of apps, it’s exactly what you would expect: a quick and easy way to access information on whatever’s happening in the world around you. Webprocomponents, for example, is like a weapon that delivers marketing tools on an intelligently laid out interface which provides super-fast updates.

Webprocomponents is a free marketing tools application which compiles headlines from all the major digital marketing sources in real-time. The app has some amazing features that distinguish it from its competitors like keeping the updates of only important stories and trending tweets, auto-refreshing, providing a unique interface, and database to download marketing tools like website template, presentation template, videos presentation.

Below are some of Webprocomponents’s impressive features:

  • The app updates its users with the latest stories and trending tweets in real-time on topics of their choice. This means you don’t have to set a schedule to check for new entries. It is also very easy to add or delete topics of your liking. You can also view available topics and add them directly to your feed.
  • The app doesn’t use an algorithm to generate its news recommendations. Instead, it relies on a human database of editors. You can even create an account at Media Simply and track your own list of the most popular topics to ensure you get the best news.
  • Webprocomponents has an innovative search feature that lets you search for multiple sources at once. This feature is particularly useful when looking for more information about a specific topic or story. You can also view your own news feed by tapping any one of the small buttons next to each topic.

Materials & Methods: I observed this app and went through its features, as well as did some research on it on various websites, in order to get relevant information. The information was mostly used in my group’s initial observations of Media Simply and how people were using it . People liked the fact that it was very fast and updated with up-to-date news from sources which they trust by reading articles from those sites. Before I started observing, I did some research in order to compile relevant information on the app and its features.

CLARIFICATION: I used Google as a reference tool in my observation.

The Feedly App is another interesting app which provides news updates on its interface. The app includes stories from leading newspapers and magazines like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek and CNN. The user can also customize the amount of news they receive by having a weekly subscription or even just a daily subscription. It also provides users with a wide variety of options for saving their favorite articles to read later. The app has several innovative features like the ability to pick a single story list or several lists for different media sources. The app lets the user save a portion of their articles for later reading by tagging them with an Identifier so they can be found again. Unfortunately, there is no way to mark multiple saved stories as favorites.

Materials & Methods: I observed Frugal Reader and went through it’s features in order to gather information on what consumers were using it for and how they used it . The data was used in our group’s preliminary observations of the app prior to our group writing our findings . People seemed to really like the app but were upset at the amount of money they had to pay to get the full use of it. They also wished for a way for them to be able to see which articles they saved and possibly share its contents with others. Consumers felt that most of the content was already available through other apps or through different means , therefore not necessarily something that needed another app.

CLARIFICATION: I used Google as a reference tool in my observation.

Both Webprocomponents and Feedly are great apps with their own merits, and it is true that they do have their shortcomings. Webprocomponents does not offer a way to mark a story as a favorite, which is disappointing because it means that users will have to read through the entire list of articles that were saved in order to find the ones they want to read. Feedly allows users to save stories, but they can only be saved by the individual user. This is limiting because users would like the ability to share their stories with other people who may also have concerns about the same news topic. Consumers could get frustrated if they could not find content through one method and had no other options available.

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